​Support to refugees in Šid- night shifts at the railway station

Posted on November, 12 2015

During the past week, the site for the migrants was moved from Presevo – border crossing Bapska, to the railway station in Sid (Vojvodina Autonomous Region). People are being transported by train to Croatia.

The activists of Know How Center have been on call from midnight till 8:00 in the morning, as agreed with the local Health Centre. The team was assisted by two doctors (male and female). The biggest number of the refugees started arriving from 4:00 in the morning. On average, every night there were about 50 checkups and interventions. The majority of children who were examined had various ailments, from the mild coughing to pulmonary murmur, difficulty swallowing,  diarrhea and  frostbites due to the cold weather. A lot of children were unaccompanied. Adults mostly had calluses, headaches, sore feet and sore backs as the result of a long walk as well as psoriasis. In  several cases our activists had to call the ambulance services, since they were not adequately equipped.

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Know How Center started its field work in Šid and Subotica at the beginning of October.The Center is working in the cooperation with the IDC – Initiative for Development &Cooperation Serbia from Belgrade, German aid and welfare organisation  ASB and  Danish People Aid.

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