(Support for Children and Family)

Know How Center is notable for its innovative projects and services. We innovate and initiate new systems of support for children and families both at local and national level. We take part in the initiatives, policies and networks which promote children’s rights, inform and support parents and strengthen their capacities.

The strategic goal of this program is contribution to the improvement of child and family care at local and national level. The goal is carried out through several initiatives.

Early development center – early development support, for children aged 0 – 6. This program is piloted through workshops in our Center, as well as through field work in informal Roma settlements on the territory of the city of Novi Sad. The overall objective of these activities is to strengthen parental competencies through professional advisory and educational work. Furthermore, our objective is to stimulate early development through workshops and parental empowerment, as well as to establish cooperation with other service providers in order to support the target group families and children holistically. We are specifically intent on working with the children and families of marginalized social groups. Cooperation with the “Radosno detinjstvo” preschool has also been established, and a part of the aforementioned activities should be carried out with a group of children not enrolled in kindergartens on the premises of the preschool, starting September 2015.

Naselje Summer – Know How Center carries out non-institutional children programs during summer holidays.

From its very beginning Know How Center has been involved in MODS – the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia. MODS was officially registered in November 2014, and we have been a member of its managing board ever since. Also, we coordinate the work of the MODS “Poverty and Social Exclusion of Children” thematic group.

Novi Sad intersectoral children network – Since April 2014, Know How Center has worked on the establishment of a children’s network in Novi Sad. The network is currently gathering over 20 local institutions and civil society organizations. Its main goal is to make a strategic and systematic framework within which to promote children status in Novi Sad through a flexible model of cooperation, made in accordance with children’s needs and circumstances. On 28 April 2015, the network members aimed at children signed a protocol on cooperation. The network meets once in two months or more frequently, if necessary.