Poziv za abstrakte za X Međunarodnu konferenciju Društva za zdravlje i ljudska prava koja će se održati u Novom Sadu 26-29. septembra 2017. godine.


A friendly reminder that the ISHHR Call for Abstracts is open for one more month! The 10th International Conference for the International Society for Health and Human Rights (ISHHR): „Mental health, mass people displacement and ethnic minorities“ will take place between the 26th-29th September 2017 in the city of Novi Sad in Serbia.

While the event is targeted at psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and other support workers, the conference also aims to build the capacity of medical doctors, researchers, advocates, journalists, students and other individuals working in the field of refugee support, civil society and community development.

The first two days of the event from the 26th-27th September will consist of capacity building workshops which will allow participants to attend sessions that best suit their area of practice and interest. The final two days of the event, from the 28th-29th September, will involve an international conference.

The capacity building workshops will focus on:
* Creative therapies in trauma healing
* Neurofeedback and biofeedback therapies

* Prevention of secondary traumatization and burn out among service providers; identification and awareness of risk factors, and implementing supervision and reporting systems
* Providing services to returnees from the EU, many of whom are Roma; with special emphasis on children belonging to returnee families
* Providing culturally-appropriate integration programs; specifically, providing education to refugee or migrant children and support to adult refugees and migrants to access the labour market
* Addressing migrant health issues in order to manage public health concerns; e.g. risk of spread of TB, malaria, scabies, lice, etc.
* Addressing the needs of often overlooked groups; particularly single males

The international conference themes are:
* The impact of the refugee experience on the physical and mental health of the individual and the community
* Providing services to unregistered people; aligning the efforts of civil society and local authorities to provide assistance
* Ethical dilemmas in providing mental health care to asylum s

* The impact of radicalisation in the West on community perceptions of refugees

The ISHHR Secretariat is looking for abstracts that relate to the aforementioned themes. Once received, abstracts will be reviewed by ISHHR’s Scientific Committee members who will select the papers most appropriate for the event. If selected, you will be invited to present your work at the event, or have your work published in conference material.

To submit an abstract, visit the ISHHR website and upload your abstract through the submission portal.

The call for abstracts will close on Friday the 31st of March 2017.

Note: we will be offering partial sponsorship of attendance costs to select individuals interested in attending the ISHHR Conference; submission of an abstract is a requirement to be considered for sponsorship.

Any questions regarding the submission of abstracts, or about the ISHHR Conference in general should be sent to coordinator@ishhr.com

Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to receiving your abstracts!

Best regards,

Ms Georgia Regan
ISHHR Coordinator

With special thanks to the generous support offered by the Taiwan Fund for Democracy to make this event possible.

* Providing services to women (mothers, older women and vulnerable women)

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